About Us

Purely Social Media delivers entrepreneurs with strategic social media campaigns that are impactful, timely and affordable. Purely Social Media understands that creating a powerful voice on social media isn’t a matter of how much content you post or which hash-tags you add to your tweets. It’s about listening to the needs of your consumer, sharing inspiring solutions, and engaging with your followers to build lasting and profitable relationships. Our dedicated team supports businesses in leveraging tools and practices to consistently optimize their online personality in an ever changing market, providing them with the ability to identify new target markets, generate leads, and ultimately convert those leads to sales!

Social media is not a process to be 100% outsourced, our belief is that no one knows a business better than the individuals who work in the business. Our process begins with a thorough dive right into our client’s business. We aim to understand a business’ goals, core competencies, customer base and competitors. We analyze our client’s current presence on your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc), as well as the competition’s. Our goal is to understand how consumers currently engage with the business, identify new potential target markets and provide strategic solutions for growth. Once our analysis is complete, we provide entrepreneurs with a Purely Social “Cheat Sheet”. These reports provide you the appropriate hashtags to use, the times you should be posting on each platform to reach the widest audience, and examples of the type of content you should be posting on each platform. For the next 90 days we work in partnerships with our clients to make necessary and timely tweaks, conduct A-B testing, and support businesses in conducting successful social media campaigns. We recognize that for many entrepreneurs, social media can be overwhelming, timely and challenging at times. Purely Social Media gives them the tools, skills, and support necessary to succeed!

Key Benefits:

  • At Purely Social Media, it’s all about building the relationship with our clients. So we focus on providing outstanding personal service.

  • We recognize that when starting and/or operating a business, expenses have to be controlled. We offer affordable pricing to meet the needs of many entrepreneurs.

  • Additional features include content creation and SEO services. The team at Purely Social Media strives for excellence in efficiency and the growth of our clients’ social presence.

Mikki Smith, Founder/Marketing Director

Mikki Smith, also founder of Max Consultants, Creative Management Firm, is a strategic thought-leader on key client engagements. From a clear need for her clients to improve their social media presence, Mikki developed the idea to start Purely Social for a social media marketing solutions. With her ability to turn data and analytics into a compelling human story and her keen understanding on how to flawlessly execute qualitative and quantitative methods, Mikki Smith is fully equipped to provide solutions to address the clients of Purely Social.

Mika Lynch, Social Media Marketing Strategist

Mika is a strong-willed entrepreneur who has always had her hands in the marketing field.  As a strategist at Purely Social, Mika helps to address issues in social media platforms, cultivate social media campaigns, and build relationships. Her experience in marketing, customer service, business development, and project management create a solid foundation for her role in strategizing and implementation.

Amy Jayne, SEO Blogger

Amy Jayne devotes her time to capturing new audiences for businesses by writing soulful web copy and blog posts. If she’s not writing, you can find Amy Jayne snuggling her dog, drinking tea and eating avocados. Find Amy Jayne on her blogTwitterFacebook + Instagram.

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