A Beginner’s Guide To Snapchat

IMG_0948Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! It’s Holly here again and this is my first post of 2016! I hope you all had a wonderful time and are ready to learn about another social media tool. Today, we’re giving you a beginner’s guide to Snapchat.

We know, we know, yet another social platform! You might question the advantages of using yet another social media outlet, but trust me, Snapchat is another effective way of advertising your brand or service.

Since it’s launch in September 2011, Snapchat has grown phenomenally with more than 100 million daily users. That’s a lot of people to miss out on advertising to, right? So, just how do you use it?

Step 1IMG_0951

Download the ‘Snapchat’ app from either Android or the Apple Store. The download is free to use and simple to do Go ahead and fill in your details as requested where you will also set yourself a username. You will share your username with other snapchat users (so choose carefully! Use your business name instead of a generic name).

Step 2

Once set up is complete, you might want to add a profile picture. Click on the snapchat logo at the top of the screen to be redirected to your profile. Click on the yellow monster and smile for the camera! Alternatively of course, you might want to take a picture of your company logo or similar to maximize on advertising potential.

Step 3

You can now go ahead and add some friends by clicking on the snapchat icon at the top of your screen. You will be presented with a few options, simply click “add friends” and you can choose whether to add by username, from your address book, by snapcode or by location. Alternatively of course, you can share your snapchat username on Twitter and ask others to add you (notifications of new followers will appear on your profile). Don’t forget to add your snapchat username to your social media icons on your website. You may even want to send a newsletter to your users or subscribers to let them know you are now on Snapchat and let what they can look forward to receiving if they follow you.

Step 4

When you start up Snapchat, it automatically loads onto the camera screen which allows you to take ‘snaps’ and share them with your friends. The great thing about Snapchat is that once you share the image or video, it can only be viewed once by the recipients and will then disappear from the screen after a few seconds (up to 10 seconds. You can edit the time to less than 10 seconds if you prefer by clicking the stopwatch on the bottom left of the screen).

You can capture your image by clicking on the large circular button at the bottom of the screen where you will then be able to choose who you send your file to. You can also add a caption to the snap or even draw on the snap using your finger. You can even choose to add a filter to your image by swiping the screen and scrolling through the dozens that are freely available to you.

Step 5

To receive snaps from other snapchat users, you will be alerted as to what type of message you’ve been sent, whether that be a picture, video or a chat message. To view any new messages, simply tap and hold on the user the message is from (it will be highlighted) to view it. Again, this will be available to view for up to 10 seconds unless you choose the ‘replay’ option which allows you to replay one snap from the past 24 hours.

Step 6

To send a message to another user rather than an image or video, simply go to your contacts and slide right on your chosen recipient. Type your message and click ‘send’. Simple, right?

Step 7

Snapchat is so much more than just sending and receiving videos. If you slide right from the camera page, you will be directed to a page that says “discover” and “live”. Here’s what they mean:

  • IMG_0953Discover

This basically is a group of media companies such as news outlets, TV channels and sports pages. Snapchat is currently only working with a handful of companies who are featured In this area. By clicking on one of the companies, you will see their latest content, which is updated every 24 hours. To view more video content from the same company, simply swipe left. There is currently no news about whether this list of companies will expand anytime soon but something tells me companies might soon be able to pay to be featured in this section…

  • Live

This section is simply a list of ‘live’ video feeds available to watch such as sporting events, music and more. Again, this list is refreshed every 24 hours so there is constantly new content.


Step 8

Enjoy experimenting! A lot of people might be wondering why I’ve not gone more in depth about how the app might be beneficial to your brand or business. Snapchat is great for ‘follower exclusive’ deals which encourages followers and as we’ve said before, followers + clever marketing = sales. On top of that, people love to feel like we’re being spoken to on a personal level and Snapchat is the most ‘personal’ social media outlet to hit our screens.

Whether you choose to share a video of the boss’s birthday cake or company outings, your audience will feel like they are a part of it and will feel as though they have the inside scoop on your company, Aside from anything else, if you share a snippet of your company volunteering at an animal shelter, that’s bound to bring in some new business. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work with a business that looks after stray dogs? Take your chance, pull at the heartstrings and you might find the purse strings loosening too… (Just kidding… sort of).

The point I’m really trying to make is that by being more personal with your potential customers, you offer a ‘backstage’ look at your business and add a personality to it. People invariably feel more comfortable spending their money on a company they like on a personal level, rather than having faith in some text on a screen. There is also a huge user to business ratio on the app with an estimate of just 1% of marketers using Snapchat in comparison to 77% of college students. That’s a lot of people to reach with not an awful lot of people to compete with.

We here at Purely Social Media will be following up with more Snapchat tips, tricks and information in the near future. We will also be going into more details on how the app can be beneficial to your business so be sure to add us to your bookmarks and follow us across our social outlets (@purelysocialtip) to keep up to date with our latest offerings.

For now, we hope you found our beginner’s guide on using Snapchat simple and straightforward. Please feel free to leave your comments below!

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