Awesome Engaging Brand of the Week — @helper

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So, we want to start a little something new here. We talk a lot about what business owners and brands should do on social media, (engagement being number one) so we thought it’d only be fitting for us to show you real life brands exemplifying these good habits.

This week, we pulled a screen shot of Hamburger Helper’s Twitter account. This is from a while back when we were doing our research, but if you go to their page now, you’ll still see engagement. Their page is a riot! They have created a personality and a voice for their little oven mitt character and are using it to the utmost effectivity. It’s pretty cool. How many times do you reach out to a brand and actually get a response?!

How can this apply to you? Well, it’s simple. Create a voice that speaks to your target audience: one that they can relate to, one that’s human and engaging, and use it! Reach out to your target audience and engage! Ask questions, share info, comment on their posts!

While you’re at it, comment on ours, too! We’d love to hear from you. What are some brands that you admire? Also, call out some brands that you think aren’t as engaging and tell us why! You can reach us on Twitter or in the comment boxes down below! =D


Awesome Engaging Brand of the Week

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