Twitter 101- Defining Common Terms Part 2

Last Wednesday, we discussed and defined 6 of the most used terms on Twitter. This week, we’re back again with a few more terms to add to your twitter arsenal. These terms aren’t quite used as often as the others, but are still important to know.  Let’s get started…

Image Tweet chat

The easiest way to explain a Twitter chat is to liken it to a chat room from the days of AOL and AIM. Tweet chats are a great way to converse with others in your niche and engage. They can be arranged by anyone, but usually work better with planning.   A hashtag is used, as previously discussed, to group all tweets covering the chat together and make for easy tracking. #MMchat, for example, is a chat on the topic of social media that takes place on Monday nights. Every Monday night, you can go on and participate! A fellow blogger actually has a great post that highlights the benefits of Twitter chats for your business. There are a nice variety of awesome topics to choose from and a wide variety of schedules. Anyone can participate by simply using the hashtag to connect the tweet to the group and chiming in. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and be social!


This is a term often used to refer to popular topics being discussed on Twitter. Trends occur when a large portion of Twitter users are discussing a particular topic. You’ll often see trends during popular televised events, political issues, popular news topics, and such, and if you go to your home page, you can find these by going to your home page.

*Fun fact: tweet chat hashtags can start trends if there are enough people chiming in*


Curated lists of Twitter users are great way to organize your Twitter feed into easily view able categories. You can even include people you don’t follow in your lists. For example, if you’re a gardener who wants to put together tweets about summer squashes during the summer, but don’t really want to follow all of the prize winning squash people, (lol definitely could have said that better, but sit with the image of prize winning squash people and tell me you’re not chuckling a little…no? …OK moving on) you can put together a list for your reference and keep that category readily available for your use.

Twitter Card/ Player Card

If you’ve seen people post videos on Twitter and you’re wondering how, they probably used a Twitter card.  These twitter cards make it possible to attach video to tweets that link to your content. As visual marketing is becoming increasingly popular, this will definitely help increase engagement and attract attention.

Tell us what your favorite Twitter terms are in the comments section below or on Twitter and feel free to share this image with everyone you know and tag us!


Happy Hump day!

2 thoughts on “Twitter 101- Defining Common Terms Part 2

  1. It all makes sense now, thanks! 😉

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