Challenge of the Reach

I recently came across an interesting article on Social@Ogilvy, Facebook Zero: Considering Life After the Demise of Organic Reach, that discussed the effects of the  recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms for brand pages! It’s the #1 frustration I’m hearing from business owners. Their posts just aren’t reaching their followers in the numbers they had before. These changes have been made in an effort to drive more businesses to purchase ads or sponsored stories through Facebook. And I get why Facebook is doing this… Hey it’s amazing to be able to take a company public, but publicly traded companies they have an obligation to their share holders to keep profits up. At it’s core Facebook’s main concern is the individual user not the business or brand. In fact, it’s the very first sentence of their advertising guidelines.

When on my personal Facebook account I’m most interested in what my friends and family are up to, I don’t necessarily want to see my feed flooded with advertisements. But as a marketer it’s has been frustrating seeing the numbers drop so drastically. Many share this frustration… In fact, in Feb of 2014 the YouTube video Facebook Fraud took a look into this new algorithm and the view that some feel it’s Facebook double dipping. Check it out and you decide…

This should not stop you however, from posting to your business page. All it means is that your going to have to get a bit more creative with what you post and when you post it. Many businesses post once a day, but I like to post one to three times a day depending on the client and their business. Be mindful of the times of day you post, note when your followers tend to be the most active on Facebook. All of which can be found in the “see insights” section of your page. Create content that is informative and visually appealing for your followers. You can determine this by reviewing the stats on previous posts, to determine what resonates with your audience. Once you’ve created a post here are some tips to getting it seen:Conquering the Challenge of the Reach (1)

  • Join a Group: there are tons of group community pages that you can participate in. Some may require you to request membership and write a brief intro about yourself, your business and your interest in the group. Look to join groups that are directly related to your business, your neighborhood or your personal interests. Once your membership is  accepted begin by reviewing past posts on the page, this provided insight of the language and topics members post on the group page. Interact with other group members, if they post that they are looking for feedback take the time to give them some honest feedback. Like, share and comment on posts that interest you! DO NOT join a group for the sole purpose of self promoting, it’s the best way to get kicked out!
  • Create a Group: If your looking to just self promote then reach out to other business owners that you know and create a group where each day members can post their blogs, posts, videos and ads. Commit to liking, sharing or promoting each others stuff! Its a great way to network and grow your reach!
  • Post to Your Personal Page: Recently launched a new page? Chances are your personal Facebook page has way more followers than your business page does. If this is the case be sure to invite all of your friends, family, acquaintance to like your page. Once you’ve posted to your business page be sure to go in and share it to your personal page… Let”s see how long it will be before Facebook restricts this.
  • Reward Engagement: Determine who your most engaging customers or followers are and develop incentives for them to regularly follow your page. If you choose this route then inform your followers and/ or customers via email or face to face. Facebook has a lot of rules regarding conduct, posts and promotions and we would hate for your page to be deleted because you didn’t follow the rules. But maybe you choose to extend free shipping or a special discount to those who engage with your page and drive traffic to it.

If you do decide to continue spending your marketing dollars on Facebook’s paid ads, we advise becoming familiar with Facebook’s Power Editor. This tool is great because it really give you the ability to be targeted with your paid ads, helping you ensure the appropriate audience see’s your ad. Kissmetrics has a great blog article to help you get started! We hope you guys have found these tips useful and if you have any tricks that you’ve found to be useful, please share them in the comments below!

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