Social Media Etiquette for business

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We need to cover a few things in the realm of etiquette when it comes to your business’ social presence.

If you’re looking to truly succeed as a local business in this social world you should keep a few thing in mind:

A little gratitude goes a long way!

Take the time to thank fans and followers for their likes, share, comments and re-tweets. You could automate it but what would that say? I know that automation is about efficiency and there are time when automation is appropriate, like weekends and when you have a general message that you want to repeat. But you still have to actively participate in the conversation. Automation removes the social aspect, and people know the automated posts from the active ones.

**Here’s a tip for Twitter: If you’re using Twitter through a mobile app (phone or tablet) you can make drafts, that you can easily tweet through out the day or week. See below for a step by step how to!

Start by clicking the icon in the top right corner to write a tweet as you normally would.

photo 2 edit

Select “cancel” from the top left corner and click the “save draft” option that comes up.

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Later, you can go back, select the icon that says “me” in the lower right hand corner, scroll down towards the middle of the page and there are your drafts! Click on the draft you’d like to post to open it up and post as you normally would.

Always remember the human element.

Direct Message Auto Responses have really been frustrating and honestly is Social Media SPAM! Not to mention the fact that if you send an auto response to someone you don’t follow, they won’t be able to respond. Allow people to build a relationship with you on a platform before you ask them to follow on another. Just because a lot of people are doing doesn’t mean it’s right.  It’s much better and much more respectful to send them a tweet thanking them. You’re better off shouting a person out publicly, because they can then re-tweet, favorite, or share it. People love being acknowledged. This is also a great way to capture genuine followers.

Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to!

In doing research for a client’s blog, two major brands were discovered that appear to just push out content with little engagement. In fact one brand appear to have actually deleted a comment that could be viewed as negative. What a shame that they did so, because they totally missed out on an opportunity to interact with someone and provide their reasoning behind the concept of the content. Remember that’s the whole reason why you’re even on social media to begin with.

Building a relationship involves a give and take. The number one thing to remember on social media is to ALWAYS ENGAGE. Not only does it look good, but you also build real relationships. You have an opportunity to learn your customer base (and maybe even your competition). When a customer knows and trusts you, you have much more leverage than if they just see you in passing. Think about it!

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